Alexander Marks

Different shapes in burkina weave


Alexandra,who lives ans workes in Italy and teaches across Europe,will show students how to

master the simple spiral weave.This technique,found around the Mediterranean sea and West

Africa,uses pliable materials such as straw,rush and esparto grass.Students will learn the correct

hand placements and will work with brown willow rods to create varrious baket shapes.

Suitable for all abilities


students should bring:





Materiale pris 500 - 800 d kr.



Alexandras CV

Education 1984 diplom gymnasium

1985 -1988 education in the Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Korbflechterei

in Lichtenfels,Germany(education in basketry)

1990 -1992 education in the Akademie für gestaltendes Handwerk,Aachen

(education in design)

2013 -2015 education in life counseling

working experience

1988 -1990 work as an employed basketweaver in Ireland and Germany

1992 -1997 work as an selfemployed basketweaver

1997 -2012 work as an selfemployed farmer and basketweaver in Italy and

basketry teacher in Denmark,France,Spain,Germany,Italy,

2012 -2018 work in basketry and teacher in basketry

partecipation in exibitions in Germany,,France,Italy,Spain

and Spain