Eatern European or Slovak Basketry art


Taste and try differences of west and east willow basketry.



Peter Juriga (SLO)


advanced skills



Hvilke redskaber skal medbringes:

Shears, sidecutters, bodkin, small knife.

Matrialepris anslået:

ca. 500 kr.


Learn how to weave glass bottles/demijohns from top to bottom. Learn how to easy made skeins for side weave. More advanced and fast students could do open work on the bottle.                                       

My illustrative pictures show work with peeled willow, but for workshop divided to small sec­tions over a period of a week, we will use brown willow, which don’t dries so quick.

Undervisers historie (CV):

I am self-learned basket maker who collected Middle Europe basketry techniques. My jour­ney started in 1990. In 2007 I published book Basketry – The art of willow craft translated to English in 2017. I still continue collecting infos about weaving, tools and planting of willow with the focus on different colours and different characteristics of varieties. I am interested also by preparing willows, ways of soaking, etc. I continue to publish all collected informa­tion and new weave techniques