Ringborder Basket with lattice overlay


Ring Border Basket with Lattice Overlay


Peeta Tinay (USA)


This is an intermediate level basketry workshop. Students should know the basic technique of twining and hand strength is required



Hvilke redskaber skal medbringes:

 - Felco pruning shears (or something similar)

- Sharp side cutters for finish cuts

- Measuring tape

- 7" scratch awl or bodkin

-Weaving packing tool. Not an essential tool. Only if you already own one. A small flat head screw driver 6" length approximately will work as well. 

- Spray bottle

- 2 old full size bath towels

-Students should bring all basket making tools that they already own and are comfortable using.

Materialepris anslået:

ca. 500 kr. 


Students will be making a basket that will have a dramatic finish of a Ring Border with a lattice overlay and will measure approximately 18” ( ca 45 cm) diameter x 4”-5” ( ca 16 cm)  tall. This basket will be made from multiple diameters of round reed which lend additional textural interest. All round reed will be pre-dyed and prepared for this specific project. This provides for ease and flow of this workshop. Students will learn techniques that are easily transferable to other weaving materials. The finishing techniques will be discussed in great detail for students to complete this process at home if they so choose.

Note: Hand strength is required for this workshop. This is an intermediate level basketry project.

During the workshop students will learn and experience making an intermediate level basket with round reed. Just some of the things that will be discussed will be materials preparation, materials dyeing, best methods for creating basket shape, tension on materials with hand, finger and body placement and why these are important to fine tuning/honing twining with round reed basketry, the best tools to use and the multiple step finishing process for a lustrous finish.

I will talk about my finishing process during the workshop. There will not be time to demonstrate it. However, I will discuss the process.

Students will use twining or wailing techniques to create this basket. 

There will be instructionssheets available

All the materials are prepared prior to the workshop. This will keep the workshop on track for students to finish by the end of the week. The preparation of the materials will be discussed at great length during the workshop.  

Students will need to invest additional time to complete this basket during our time together. This will mean time after our stated workshop hours close for the day. I will be there with students during these after hours. It is my priority to have all students finish this basket during our week together.

This is normally a basket I teach in a 3 day workshop. Each day is a full 8 hours. Usually students will work some over time during these workshops as well.


Undervisers historie (CV)

Peeta Tinay grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born into a family of creatives.
From 1990 to 2000 at The Caning Shop in Berkeley California she was introduced to techniques involved in the restoration of wicker furniture. In 2000 a move to Washington state gave a fresh start motivating her to branch out. She continued restoring and also started making wicker pieces from the ground up using 1920's wicker as inspiration. Starting in 2008 she veered hard into making large scale intricate baskets and hasn’t looked back since. Peeta teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced level basketry workshops both nationally and internationally.